Because of the industry that we are in we see the good and the bad. We see how amazing the celebration is when everything goes as planned and all areas of a wedding are working perfectly together. 

But the opposite is equally true. We see when things aren't right and things are not working properly together. There are some very common threads that interweave some of the weddings that don't go as well as they should have. By acknowledging these common pitfalls, we hope that if you are getting married, or know of someone getting married, you might avoid encountering these potential (all too common) pitfalls.



Your wedding is the biggest moment of your relationship thus far. It is the culmination of something you've invested in for months or maybe even for years. Up until now, all your favorite moments as a couple were real, raw and ultimately led to your relationship being unique. No one directed or scripted those moments. Why should your wedding day be any different?

Many wedding videographers have a picture in mind of what they think “looks good” and that is all they focus on.

Imagine... you are about to have your ‘first look’ with your soon-to-be spouse and the videographer stops the moment and says, “No, no, just a sec, let me get this shot…” Interferences like this can change the whole mood of your day. 

Don’t choose a videographer who will hijack your moments for their purposes. Quality videographers will work with the natural flow of your day to get all of the shots. 


There can be a certain pressure when it comes to planning your wedding day with all the people around and all the details. So what makes for the best weddings? You being yourself. 

Your relationship is unique, so let it shine! Let your personality be on display. Don't let the pressure of the day rob you of the joy of what you are celebrating. Be yourself, and let your videographer capture that.


From your preparation to your departure, a lot happens on your wedding day It is a full day! Many videographers break down their packages how much time they will spend at your wedding.

These types of companies already have pre-planned, canned shots they know they want to get. They don't need to get there early. They don't care about all the natural, organic interactions you are having all day long.

From big to small, all the details of your wedding day should be captured. A video company should desire to catch the bride or groom goofing off, having a good time. Those kinds of moments can't be scheduled.

Don't settle on a company to shoot your wedding for anything less than the full day.

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